Monday, January 16, 2006

Tye Dye: Don't let it scare you!

Sure it can be a messy project to undertake. You only live once. You just have to be prepared.
I've helped numerous kids make, not only tye dyed shirts, but socks, shorts, and even undies. Just remeber to check the labels. You want white clothing with the highest percentage of cotton that you can find, that way the colors will be very bright. If it has too much poly or nylon it will turn out pastel instead of vibrant. I always set up outside on garbage bags so you don't have to worry about spills on your floors or table. I use a Rainbow Rock kit that you can often purchase at Walmart or a craft store like Micheals or Joann's Fabric. I've never had a problem with the kit and they make them in several different color selections so it adds to the fun. They have easy to follow directions. Plan ahead and it will go smoothly. Wear old clothes! Put plastic gloves on to reduce the staining on your fingers. Buy some extra rubber bands in case the kids want to go nuts with them. We always have fun making them but the best part is wearing your art work.


Anonymous said...

MEMEORIES....Oh yea..I have one of these pictures: adults, children and Nett. She is very famous for taking the time, and sharing the love she has for children, and PATIENCE and gathering little hearts up to have one of the best times of their LIFE! We got the privelidge to have her visit one summer day..all the way in NE and she came equipt with the materials for all the kids to go home with t-shirts and socks etc. Tie dyed! WOW we had children entering these in the county fair, they had so much fun! We also had blue ribbons that summmer! The memories that this gal leaves in so many childrens lives, I personally know how she's impacted my childrens lives........thanks for your time and love of children, your truly a BLESSING!

Netter said...

Awwww, Michelle, you are making me blush. I do know how to have fun, don't I.