Monday, May 18, 2009

Surprise Soaps!

OK, there are some kids that just don't like to wash up. It's not likely that anyone would let this happen but that doesn't stop them from trying to worm out of it. Luckily they grow out of it...or at least we hope they do. Whether you have a reluctant washer or a child that just loves to play in the sink and make bubbles, this will be a hit. Who wouldn't like to find a prize in a ball shaped soap as they wash up?

You will need:
1 Cup of grated Ivory soap
1/4 Cup warm water
food coloring, if desired.
Small rubber animals or toys.

What to do:

1) Mix water, soap and food coloring together in a medium bowl. Stir the mixture until it begins to stiffen.
2) Remove the mixture from the bowl and knead it until it is the consistency of a very thick dough.
3) Roll the dough into the shape of a ball.
4) Make a hole in the center of the ball big enough to hid treasures in it.
5) Fill the hole with a treasure and seal with some extra dough.
6) Allow the surprise soap to dry overnight before using.

Note* You can also use thick cookie cutters to mold the soap surprises into fun shapes.

Greenhouse in a Bag

This is a super way to see how seeds sprout and grow.

You'll need:

A small Ziploc bag
3 wet cotton balls
2-3 large seeds ( beans work best )
clear tape

What to do:

1) Place the wet cotton balls in the Ziploc bag with the seeds placed against them.
2) Seal the Ziploc bag and tape it to a window where it will receive plenty of sunlight. Your seed should begin to sprout in 3-5 days.
3) After your sprouts grow at least 1 inch, you can transplant it in soil, so the plant may continue to grow.

Note: Make several greenhouses in a bag, using different types of seeds. Watch the seeds to see which ones sprout first and how fast they grow.

Friday, May 08, 2009


I've been away for quite a while! I have no excuse, other than, life just got in the way. It certainly has a way of doing that, doesn't it! The next few months are going to be very crazy so I can't promise to post more, but I will guarantee that I won't forgot that this site exists and I will be adding to it in the future. I have a file of some great projects sitting on my desk. I'll try to post a couple of them soon. In the mean time, flip though my prior posts and find something fun to do.