Thursday, January 12, 2006


This is my cousin Shannon in 1991 or early 1992, when I used to babysit for her. She's a high school senior now, planning on joining the Air Force. She liked playing with goop as much as I did. I sat her on the kitchen floor because it was easier to mop up that way.
Then we have Katie and Chris in 1992 at my first nanny job. Chris is graduating from Dartmouth this June and Katie is a Freshman at Franklin and Marshall in Pennsylvania. Goop is a lot of fun, its just messy when you have more than one kid playing in it. I learned its best to sit them in an empty bathtub if you have a couple of messy kids, that way you can wash it down the drain. Let's face it, if they get play dough all over, they are going to make a bigger mess with Goop.

Mix together one box of cornstarch and water. Only add enough water so that you can move your hand through the mixture easily when going slow, or with difficulty when moving fast. I know it sounds strange but you will see what I mean. You can color it with food coloring but I think it is best to leave it its natural color. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Goop, OH MY GOSH! Alek just brought this home a week ago, from school! What a mix, what a mess, oh but what FUN! Only I would let 2 boys did in, make another batch 'cause Alek remembered the reciepe and then LET THEM DESTROY THE KITCHEN (only temporarily) The rules were easy:PLAY AS LONG AS YOU WANT, ENJOY, BUT....CLEAN IT ALL UP WHEN always works, no questions asked! I think they spent days literally cleaning goop up, but the fun was indescribable! TRY IT! m