Friday, January 13, 2006


I loved hopscotch as a little girl. Not to toot my own horn, but I was a pro at it. Its a fun game for boys to play too. It helps you to recognize your numbers, learn to count and it helps you work on you balance and coordination as well. The wonderful thing about it was you could play it just about anywhere. If the weather was nice, you could use chalk to draw out the playing field or in a pinch, even an old piece of brick works. If the weather was nasty, rainy, snowy, or just way to cold, you could still figure out a way to play. You can make your own hopscotch mat by clicking here for directions. If you didn't have a basement floor that your parents would let you use chalk on, you improvised. Masking tape worked wonders on a cement basement, vinyl or tile kitchen floor, or even carpet. You don't have to use a rock as a marker when playing inside. Why not try a beanbag or a quarter, even a game piece from one of your board games will work. Click the title to take you to a link containing a selection of hopscotch games and rules. Why wait, start playing now.

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Anonymous said...

girl, remember the hopscotch days, love the jog thru memory lane....why didn't you and I get together and play this 24/7, 'cause I just had bros and your sis probally didn't want to keep playing it all day-haha (wouldn't we of been good sisters, if had the chance) Remember the hopscotch you and I made on the basement floor for my kids (ok maybe you did all the work) didn't we do this??? m