Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hide and Seek Sounds

materials: 4 index cards or 4 pieces of paper, pencil.

Begin by taking 4 index cards and write a single letter- m, d, f, g, ect... on each card. Use consonants... yowels don't work well in this game.

Hide the cards around the room.... in plain view. Tell child "Somewhere hidden in this room is the letter that makes the sound mmmmm. Look until you find it. If you have trouble, I'll give you hints."

If they find the wrong card... make its sound (f...ffffff) and have them put it back where they found it. give the child a hint if they would like help. (hot ,cold, getting warmer)

Point: To match consonants with proper sounds, from the easy ones like t to letter sounds that are more difficult, like q (kw) and x(ks) They will even learn that "c" has 2 sounds, as does "g"

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