Saturday, January 14, 2006

Push- It- Apart Butter

What's the opposite of mayonnaise? It just may be butter. Mayonnaise- making brings fat (oil) and water (vinegar) together. Butter- making forces fat and water apart.

If you shake cram with enough force, the tiny drops of fat that float throughout it are pushed together to form butter chunks.

1) Fill a plastic jar about half full of cream. Add a clean marble. Seal with a lid.
2) Shake the jar vigorously in a figure-eight pattern. When you don't hear the clank of the marble any longer, you'll know the cream had thickened into whipped cream.
3) Keep shaking and listening again for the clank. This means the butter is separating from the liquid. When you see several small floating chunks, stop.
4) Use a fork to scoop the butter chunks into a bowl. Blend them together with the back of a spoon: then squeeze out the extra liquid. Spread the cream butter on toast or muffins.

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